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Impressions from the course 
* Sphere with layers *

Layers that occur in nature, such as slate, have fascinated me for a long time. My goal was to bring nature and geometric bodies together. The result was the sphere with layers in many variants. One of my balls * Layers * was made at Artexpo 2008  voted Piece of the Week in New York City.  


In this course I would like to explain the procedure for making one of these balls step by step. I have decided that you will help me manufacture  watch a ball almost full-time. The motto for me was to demonstrate - to imitate. So there were 4 videos with a total length of a little more than 4 hours in which I explain the whole process and the procedure. For each video you can also download an accompanying description of the video with time information for the respective steps.  


I recommend that you download all PDF material at the beginning of the course. It is also an advantage if you watch the videos before starting work. This takes time, but you have the opportunity to deal with the work to be done. You get to know and understand the processes. You can also get the necessary material and tools in this way. You also have the option to book one-to-one support in case of uncertainties or questions with the help of the Zoom platform on my appointment calendar.  


Now I wish you fun, coupled with the necessary patience


Video's and PDF listing

The course consists of 5 videos
with a total length
of approx. 4 hours 52 min.


Many links to the ceramics trade in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Sketches and tips for firing and the manufacture of kiln furniture

Descriptions and data sheets for various engobes

Price of the course:  270 euros

Important: After purchasing the course, you can log in anytime, anywhere. Access is always valid  You can see and repeat the content as often as you want. 

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                                                     Ich bin einfach begeistert von                                                               ihm

                                                      Ulrike Metzen

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