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Artistic concern

I let myself be guided primarily by feelings and try to transform tangible things into tangible forms in order to address the viewer emotionally.

Since prehistoric times, matter has been in a continuous transformation (metamorphosis). Everything is subject to forces and opposing forces and is therefore exposed to constant change. Stones, rocks (inorganic) and living beings (organic) materials are destroyed and transformed through erosion, death and under the influence of time (including the force of nature). They move into deeper layers; the result is sound that contains all the information from earlier epochs. The clay becomes a container (earth), a grave with precisely that information of living and dead matter, in which everything has always been contained, everything has been present. 

With the help of the remaining three elements water, fire and air, I try to highlight the hidden things of bygone times and  to make visible. In addition to my very own feelings, I also leave my thoughts, something like that 

the  Engaging with the social environment in the play of forms. For me the path, the creation of a work is important, and I am of the opinion  that everything in a work of art can never be addressed. Accordingly, it should stimulate food for thought and leave questions unanswered. 

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