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Semester full day course

Beginners and  Advanced

The small group size (maximum 5 people) enables individual accompaniment of the course participants (adapted to the respective abilities)

There is a small, well-equipped studio in beautiful surroundings




Getting to know the different types of clay, their occurrence and their properties, how to obtain them. 

Clay preparation, kneading, beating, mixing. 

Physical and chemical properties of the main raw materials



Construction techniques: bead, plate. Propulsion techniques

Shapes with the help of sand

Modeling of figures, objects, reliefs, fully plastic, over core, etc.

Lots of tips and tricks

Production of simple engobes, sintered engobes,

Surface design: engobing, scoring, printing, etc.

Manufacture of plaster molds, stencils, 

Special construction techniques with  Help of templates and formwork.


- Exercises and methods to promote  Creativity - exercises for shaping 

-  Promotion of spatial vision  

   and   Imagination

-  Awareness of proportions, 

-  Awareness of the space and    

   Color sensation 

-  Sketching and drafting 

-  History of ceramics 

-  Ceramics from the beginning until today 

-  Dealing with the

   contemporary  Ceramics

We'll try interesting statements  without working on glazes. Burning takes place exclusively in a gas oven.

You can choose to take part in common course blocks and topic-related projects (each worked out in a group) or,  develop their own ideas under expert guidance.


Ring Schichten quer_edited.jpg
Ring Schichten_19662_edited.jpg

Course times: start  Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

short lunch break approx. 45 min.

max. 4 participants


Course costs:  960.- CHF plus material and event. Firing costs


Material costs 1 kg stoneware clay 2.50 CHF

Burning at 1300 degrees

in the gas oven per kg 18.- CHF


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