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This mountaintop tiny cabin sits on 99 acres of woodland just 2.5 hours outside of New York City. Its been in Ken Phillips family for more than 70 years, but as things go, his family has little : time to enjoy the property anymore, and its now for sale. While the cabin itself is off-grid and You can take your tiny house on big adventures , with the Draper from Land Ark RVs. This Colorado-based company sells two styles of tiny RV homes that can be delivered in a few months. The Draper starts at $164,900 for a 300-square-feet space, finished in white-washed pine, and equipped with a fabulous fold-down deck. Plus, the exterior is the perfect mix of rustic and modern, so you’re sure to catch a few double-takes as you cruise around. Affordable housing can be hard to find, especially in large cities. That’s why a growing number of people are opting for affordable tiny homes that are just 100 to 400 square homes for cash near meThe House Guys LLC is a cash home buying company local to the Washington DC Metro area. We primarily purchase houses for cash, but if a cash offer isnt a good fit, we provide home sellers with more creative real estate options beyond the typical , cash offer. Our goal is to provide the seller with , the greatest benefit from working with us to achieve a fast, hassle free home sale. Step 3 Request Your Fair Cash Offer Most buyers go the Traditional Pre-approval to full Cash Approval route, though, so don’t worry if you are not express cash approved! We will issue a pre-approval letter for traditional financing, if qualified, so that you can start shopping immediately with a standard financed offer. We will then continue gathering all necessary documents and information to provide you a full cash approval so that you can shop with the power of cash!cheap condos for sale near mePurchasing a condo in Bali is both easy and exciting, as there are so many different options to choose from. Spacious yet inexpensive 1 bedroom units can be purchased for as low as IDR 650,000,000 while upscale, multi-bedroom , units can go for in excess of IDR 7,000,000,000. We at Lamudi are committed """"""""



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